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Tree Farm

New! American Forest Foundation 2010-2015 Standards

New! 2010 Standards Management Plan Addendum

What is a Tree Farmer?

Tree Farmers are forest land owners who have been recognized as good stewards of their property. They have had to meet certain requirements of good forest management. They have had to demonstrate a dedication to the wise use of natural resources through activities on their land.

Certified Tree Farmers qualify to display the familiar green and white, diamond-shaped Tree Farm sign signifying that they are a part of the nationwide Tree Farm system. The sign is presented by the Arkansas Tree Farm Committee to forest owners who have been certified by one of their volunteer inspecting foresters.

There are over 70,000 Tree Farms with throughout the nation, including more than 2,500 in Arkansas.

Why be a Tree Farmer?

Arkansas is more than one-half forest land. Most of this forest land is held in private, tax-paying ownership. Also, most of this land is capable of producing renewable forest crops as well as providing other valuable benefits to society and the forest owner.

Tree Farmers receive deserved recognition of their contribution to the wise use of forest land, and serve as an example to others who own forest land and to those who influence forest land-use policy. Tree Farmers demonstrate their environmental concern for America's renewable resource—TREES.

How do I participate?

A prospective Tree Farm is carefully inspected by a forester at no charge, for the following items:

Tree Farm is a registered trademark of the American Forest Foundation.

To have a Tree Farm representative contact you to inspect your Arkansas forest land, please contact Jennifer Lambert.

Centennial Family Forest Program

AFA is looking for private forest owners to participate in the Centennial Family Forest Program.
To qualify as a Centennial Family Forest, the land must currently be certified as a Tree Farm and/or Stewardship Forest. Also, it must have been in family ownership for at least 100 years (it does not have to be forested the entire time).

Download a PDF of the application.